Prosci began offering open-enrollment change management certification programs in October of 2003. Since then, we have delivered hundreds of these sessions - with more than 100  in 2016. We are constantly striving to receive "this is the best training program I've ever been to" as the feedback from each and every session. This tutorial presents a "journal" style account of the three day certification program. Find out more about earning your change management certification.

Monday - 2:00 PM - getting off the plane

So, I was assigned "Change Management Lead" on our new Alpha project. I don't even know what change management really means/what a change manager is expected to do. After researching on the internet and talking to some colleagues, I decided to go to the Prosci Change Management certification program. I registered online, and received my "pre-work packet" within a few days

I've read the book on the Prosci ADKAR® Model - very impactful. As I was reading through it, I realized that "ADKAR" could become a way of life for me personally, as well as professionally.

Monday - 5:00 PM - arriving at Peaceful Valley

After a short flight to Denver, I climbed into the shuttle for a beautiful, climbing drive through the Rocky Mountains. As we pulled into Peaceful Valley guest ranch, I was struck by the, well, utter peacefulness of the place. Horses fed lazily in the late afternoon sun and a cowboy in a 10-gallon hat waved a greeting as he loped past. I felt a little hitch in my breath, due to the altitude, as I climbed out and inhaled the fresh, mountain air. Now, to check in.

Monday - 10:00 PM - heading to bed

Our first dinner was a lot of fun! We had a hearty meal, not your usual "cowboy fare", and went around with introductions. This ought to be a great group. We have participants from all different countries and cultures. Should be fun getting to know each other around the fire and the promised "marshmallow roasting" tomorrow night.

Tuesday - 12:00 PM

Slept like a baby last night - must be that fresh mountain air and the sound of the stream right outside my window. Class so far this morning has been very interesting. Our instructor seems to have a real handle on this CM methodology, peppering the learning with a great sense of humor that keeps us on our toes! He said it would be like being "fed by a fire hose" and it's true - but I already feel like I'm building a foundation for the change management work I've been assigned to do. The morning really gave me some food for thought about why change management is important to my project and my company. When we were reviewing the ROI of change management model, I couldn't help but think about Project Beta that we had to scrap last year - now I know why! I'm thinking about sharing the "why change management" work with my director when I get back, and there is a great presentation on the online tool I can use when I get home - the Change Management eToolkit- for making the case for change management that I'll be using.

CM131_image b.pngROI of Change Management


Prosci's change management certification program is the most comprehensive offering available to learn change management principles, methodologies and tools. In this highly interactive session, you bring a project you are currently working on and apply the tools and assessments as you learn them.

"Very easily the best, most educational learning experience in which I have ever participated." - Chris T.

Tuesday - 5:00 PM

We had a fun CM principles activity this afternoon - able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, bond with our new "teammates" and still be working! This is great! Once back in the classroom we started to apply the tools to the actual projects that we brought with us from work. I'm surprised to actually be applying what I'm learning as we go along - I can learn so much better with hands-on work like this. We went through a Change Characteristics exercise where we dug into how change-ready our organization is - very eye-opening to look at the pros and cons of my organization with a "change microscope". I'm seeing strengths and weaknesses in areas I never thought about before. I'm also realizing that this change initiative is going to affect far more areas of the organization than I previously thought. Sounds like tonight we are in for another fun activity for dinner they won't tell us what it is, only that they are certain we'll love it.

Risk Assessment Output

CM131_image c.png

Wednesday - 7:00 AM

Well, last night was so much fun! We keep having opportunities to bond with and learn from all our classmates. I feel like I've known these guys forever and it's only been one day!

Wednesday - 12:30 PM

We're continuing to work on our project throughout today and the pressure is on - we have a project/presentation to work toward tonight. They want us to put together a PowerPoint presentation that will make the case for change management. We'll take this back to show our senior level people. The presentation takes a look at where our organization is now with change management, where we need to be and how we're going to get there. It's starting to get intense - we get together, learn a section for 15 minutes, then break out to work on our project and presentation for 30 minutes. I can really feel that "fire hose" now! But, at least the work I'm doing is on the project I'm supporting - I hate those trainings that are just academic and can't be applied to what I really do.

Wednesday - 9:30 PM

Wow, we are finally done with our presentations and what an experience! I feel like I've learned so much in two days, and the feedback from my classmates tonight was so helpful. What a way to learn, in this kind of environment with everyone cheering you on. We were able to watch other participants' presentations and gain valuable insight from their successes and mistakes. Now we get to celebrate! We've been promised some serious fun tonight for all the hard work today. Party, here I come!

Thursday - 7:30 AM

Well if we weren't all bonded yesterday, we definitely are this morning! One big, rowdy family last night! None of us wanted to go to bed once we got started with the celebrations. Fun times! But this morning, there is much more to learn and our certification test is looming at the end of the day

CM131_image a.png

Mapping change management tools to ADKAR

Thursday - 2:00 PM

We went through a great coaching section this morning, using some real hands-on tools for helping employees through change and managing resistance. We did a fun reinforcement activity to wrap up the day. I've got some great ideas on how to make sure that my change really sticks. Now the dreaded test!

Thursday - 3:30 PM

Turns out the test wasn't that bad - I surprised myself at how much I learned this week. That feels pretty good. And now I am a bona-fide, certified practitioner of Prosci's Change Management methodology. I even get Professional Development Units from PMI and Continuing Education Credits from Colorado State University for this class. Can't wait to get home and start putting my CM plan into action. But I don't want to leave my "Prosci family" from this week! Luckily, Prosci will put together an email list for all of us so we can stay in touch on how our CM plans are going and use each other as invaluable CM resources moving forward.


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Written by
Tim Creasey
Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer and a globally recognized leader in change management. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results.