You and perhaps some of your coworkers are change management certified. Your organization’s leadership is talking about agility and maybe is starting to think or talk about change management as an important part of your company’s business strategy.

Take The Next StepAt the very least, you are more and more convinced that organizational change competency would be instrumental in bringing your company success.

 So what are your next steps? What should you do to accomplish this large project? If you’re interested in gaining knowledge and skills on how to bring your organization to higher levels of change management competency, we’ve got three training programs that can help you. 

1. Implementation Strategy

The first step in achieving organizational competency means recognizing that implementing organizational change competency is a large company-wide project that should be treated with the same technical and people side strategy you’d give to any other large initiative. Prosci's one-day Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp will give you want you need to start strategizing by beginning to assess the current state of your organizational maturity and drafting the project proposal that will get you to a more mature future state.

You can also attend this program at any time as change management certification is not a prerequisite.

2. Becoming the Expert

Prosci's intense Experienced Practitioner Program is designed to remove some of the fundamental assumptions made in the Prosci Change Management Certification Program and dig deeper into the “real-world” challenges and obstacles of applying change management on complex projects. By learning to manage complex changes with multiple forms of leadership, you will be equipped to guide your organization through the most extensive and challenging transitions. You’ll also gain insight into the history of change management and where this budding industry is heading.

3. Training others in your Organization

Whatever level of organizational change management competency your organization is striving for, eventually you will need to train groups of employees on how their position relates to the work of change management and project success. And we aren’t talking about dropping an ADKAR® book on everyone’s desk. Remember your experience in Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program: awareness and desire have to be built first in order for training to be successful.

At our Train-the-Trainer Program, you will learn how to facilitate four of our role-based training programs and when each training makes sense for each audience, giving your organization the flexibility to complete change management training with the context that only you as internal trainers will have. 

Whether you are looking for organizational change management strategy, change management expertise, or company-wide change management training, Prosci can guide you and your organization. Reach out to one of our solutions architects today to discover what your next steps should be. 

Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp


Written by
Michelle Haggerty
Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty has been with Prosci for over seven years and specializes in helping organizations around the world realize their intended results, from small incremental changes to large, transformative changes through the application of change management. Michelle’s main focus in helping client organizations realize success is through knowledge transfer. Michelle leads the strategic direction of Prosci’s training offerings and oversight of delivery quality.