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Top 7 Enhancements to

The new website is live! The site offers a more engaging, intuitive, interactive user experience, plus ready access to the change management information and resources you need. To help you get the most from our new website, here are the top seven enhancements.

Infographic: How to Set Yourself Apart with an Advanced Certification

How can you obtain the skills to keep up with bigger, faster and more complex change? What is the process for achieving a Prosci Advanced Certification so you can propel your career and organization forward? Gain answers to these questions and more with our infographic:

Prosci Speakers at ACMP Change Management

The annual Change Management conference by the Association of Change Management Professionals is coming up on March 25 - 28 in Las Vegas, NV, and Prosci is thrilled to be a sponsoring partner. 

3 Game-Changing Tools Used by Change Leaders at Husky

Do you have what you need to win at change? These change practitioners are utilizing the latest and greatest tools from Prosci as they impact the way change management is done at their organizations.

1998 to 2018: Here’s How We (And the Research) Have Changed

As we prepared for the release of our tenth Best Practices in Change Management report over twenty years of research, I couldn't help but notice how many things have changed in twenty years. Let’s take a moment to reflect:

Prosci Advanced Certifications and the CCMP

Change management as a discipline is almost unrecognizable when it comes to new opportunities for change professionals. The industry has taken large strides to become a formal discipline within the last decade. Prosci alone has certified over 45,000 change practitioners in the Prosci Change Management Certification Program. In the 2016 edition of Best Practices in Change Management, participants pointed to an increasing number of their organizations creating permanent positions for change management professionals.

Advanced Change Management Roles in an ECM Setting

Building role-based individual change competencies is an essential aspect of growing an enterprise change capability. Roles at the enterprise level are responsible for bringing a change management capability to life. But what specific roles—and what enhanced skillsets within these roles—do you need to build an enterprise change management capability?

Prosci Certification and Becoming a CCMP

Where were you in 2004? The answers among us will be wide reaching but perhaps we all had one thing in common: we were experiencing some sort of change (professional or personal) or we were leading others through change.

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