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Guest Blog: How to Achieve Maximum ROI on Supply Chain Execution

Supply chain projects often demand significant resources to complete, so managing them effectively is imperative.

Change Management in Project Management Speak

In brief: you can build greater buy-in and understanding of change management with project managers and project teams if you speak their language.

Change Management - What every project team should know

Managing change is becoming one of the most critical competencies your organization and your project team can build. While organizations are increasingly exposing their employees to change, they are not teaching project managers and teams how to effectively manage the people side of change. When 327 process improvement teams, consultants and leaders were asked: "If you had the chance to do it again, what would you do differently?" the most common response was: "Utilize an effective and planned change management program."

Integrating Project Management and Change Management

With the new launch of our “How To Integrate Change Management and Project Management” webinar replay in the Prosci® Portal, refresh your knowledge of why it is so important to integrate change management and project management earlier in a project rather than later.

Change Management Myth: Project Management is Change Management

Throughout years of research and helping clients develop individual, project and organizational change capabilities, we have come across several common objections to change management. Addressing these "myths" is key to bringing change management into the organization as both a tool to use on specific changes and as an organizational competency.

One of these myths is, "We are introducing change and managing the project, so aren’t we managing change?"

4 Steps for Building a Relationship with the Project Team

Individual and Organizational Change Management IntegrationAs change management practitioners, we know that getting the project team on board with change management can make or break your efforts. To conclude this tutorial series on integrating project management and change management, this tutorial will focus on four tactics for practitioners to use to help build collaborative working relationships with project teams and ensure a unified effort on projects.

Project management and change management: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The disciplines of change management and project management understandably cross paths throughout the execution of a project or initiative. Each brings necessary and critical structure for effectively implementing change and realizing results.

How to Integrate Change Management and Project Management

Change management can be applied to many types of business improvement programs - from radical changes like BPR, mergers and acquisitions or new product releases to incremental changes like continuous improvement processes or Six Sigma. Change management is the process and tools - such as communications, sponsorship, coaching, training and resistance management plan - for addressing the people side of change. Change management is not an event - it is a process of helping individuals understand, internalize and support a change. The challenge for project teams is to effectively integrate change management with their project management activities.

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