What is the Project Change Triangle™ (PCT) Model?

The PCT Analyzer is powered by the PCT Model. This model has three elements which make up the corners of the triangle; all three corners must be healthy in order for a project to succeed:

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  • Leadership/sponsorship
  • Project management
  • Change management

The center of the triangle

There is a fourth element of the PCT Model, however: the center of the triangle. This is the heart of the project and why all three corners matter. The center of the triangle shows the projects goals and objectives. When all three corners of the project are healthy, then the project can meet its goals. It can:

  • Meet objectives
  • Finish on time and on budget
  • Realize return on investment (ROI)

What Can You Use the PCT Analyzer to Do?

Here are just five ways you can use the PCT Analyzer to help your projects succeed. For more ways to use the PCT Analyzer to evaluate and support the health of projects and initiatives, read the full Thought Leadership Article.

  • Conduct assessments. The Analyzer provides ten questions for each corner of the triangle, allowing you to quickly and efficiently assess the health of that project element.
  • Evaluate project health. By assessing all three corners of the PCT Model for your project, you can get a quick and accurate look at the health and balance of your project.
  • Identify risks. The PCT Analyzer will, based on the assessments, color the corners of the triangle and the ten distinct aspects of each corner green, yellow or red to signify that an area is exceptional, adequate or inadequate.
  • Drive next steps. Not only does the PCT Analyzer highlight what areas of your project are inadequate and at risk, but it will also recommend steps to take to improve project health.
  • Track project health. Assess your project as frequently as necessary to maintain a clear idea of project health throughout its lifecycle. The PCT Analyzer will record every assessment so you can quickly see improvements and changes.
  • Examine the change portfolio. By using the PCT Analyzer for all of your initiatives, you can go over your entire change portfolio and prioritize projects and view the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses.

How Do You Use the PCT Analyzer?

The PCT Analyzer is an online tool available in the Practitioner eToolkit, which you either receive when you attend a Certification Program, or you can buy it separately.

You can assess your project in just four easy steps:

1. Add a Project to the app

By clicking “Add a Project” and giving the project a name.

2. Create an Assessment for that project

Click “Add an Assessment” and give the assessment a name and description. You can define the assessment however best suits the project, such as by where you are in the project cycle, by the group you are assessing, by the date, or by the region. You can even use a combination, such as “Change Lead at Project Start,” or “Europe at Pre-launch.”

3. Collect data

When you click “Collect Data,” a new box will open with a URL on the left and a place to manually enter data on the right. Complete the survey yourself, or copy/paste the URL and send it to the people involved in the project so that they can follow the URL to the survey. Their survey answers will be automatically uploaded and aggregated into the PCT Analyzer. This can be done anonymously.

4. View the assessment results and plan next steps

Click “See Report” to see the aggregated data from the PCT Analyzer. The Analyzer will use all assessments to give you an overall project health score, and you can also look closer into each project element to see exactly where your project is strongest and weakest. For at-risk factors that were assessed as inadequate, the PCT Analyzer will discuss what that factor entails, what consequences your project might face if it is left unaddressed, and what steps you can take to mitigate the issue.

Want to add a new assessment to an existing project? Simply find the project under “Choose Existing Project” and follow Steps 2-4.

Now that you know how to use the tool and what it can do, try it out yourself with a free two-week trial. Have any questions? Interested in a guided tour? We’d love to help you get the best use out of this tool. Email us at support@prosci.com.

Watch a video of the PCT Analyzer and get your free trial here


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Written by
Tim Creasey
Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer and a globally recognized leader in change management. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results.