Change management as a discipline is almost unrecognizable when it comes to new opportunities for change professionals. The industry has taken large strides to become a formal discipline within the last decade. Prosci alone has certified over 45,000 change practitioners in the Prosci Change Management Certification Program. In the 2016 edition of Best Practices in Change Management, participants pointed to an increasing number of their organizations creating permanent positions for change management professionals.

While the base-level practitioner is becoming more needed within organizations, data also points to increasing occurrence of change management career paths within organizations. Just under a fifth of all research participant organizations have established career paths, and 25% are developing them now. In response to this advancement, Prosci created the Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks.

Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks

Prosci offers three Advanced Certifications in change management. All three focus on key roles for bringing change management to life within an organization: Change Management Deployment Leader, Change Management Instructor and Change Management Practitioner. With a series of self-paced, in-person and online learning and application modules, change professionals elevate their expertise and skills in change management.  

Each Advanced Certification entails:

  • Completing a series of self-paced, required modules which review the application of Prosci methodologies
  • Completing and/or attending required and elective trainings designed to amplify your change management focus
  • Completing a set of professional development objectives to demonstrate engagement more broadly across the discipline of change management
  • Presenting a final capstone project that demonstrates that the work completed in the Advanced Certifications has increased your ability to achieve results in your chosen change management specialization


The Association for Change Management introduced the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) accreditation as an opportunity for change management professionals to be accredited in change management by an independent professional association.  

How to Achieve the CCMP Accreditation

To achieve the CCMP accreditation offered by ACMP, professionals must have:

  • A four-year college degree
  • Three or more years of experience in change management
  • 21 hours of change management education
  • A passing score on the CCMP exam provided by ACMP

Once you have obtained your CCMP accreditation, continuing education requirements are required to maintain your accreditation. The Prosci Advanced Certification requirements and modules align very closely with ACMP Professional Development Units (PDU) requirements.


Prosci is passionate about the success of change professionals, and we align with ACMP’s decision to create a change management practitioner accreditation that standardizes change management accreditation. As mentioned above, many of the Advanced Certification requirements align very closely to the 60 PDUs a professional must achieve to maintain their ACMP CCMP accreditation.

In addition, all Advanced Certification applicants must have attended the three-day Prosci Change Management Certification Program. Read more about how the Prosci Certification Program supports change practitioners on their journey to becoming a CCMP.

Consider an Advanced Certification if you:

  • Want to advance your career in change management through application, training, or strategic deployment
  • Are already Prosci-certified and want to take the next step in your change management education and ability
  • Have been tasked with building a change management capability in your organization, applying change management on a complex project, or strategically training others in change management

Throughout your Advanced Certification journey, you will have ongoing support from a personal, dedicated Prosci advisor who will coach you, review your work, and provide robust feedback on each assignment. 

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Written by
Michelle Haggerty
Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty has been with Prosci for over a decade and is currently responsible for Prosci's service portfolio and internal operations, leading the strategic direction of our offerings and ensuring delivery quality. Through balancing operational excellence with the customer experience, Michelle helps companies optimize the benefits of change management and achieve their project outcomes.