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Research & Trends, Achieving Project Results

Avoid These 5 Change Management Obstacles

Leading your organization through successful change is not easy, but we can learn valuable lessons...

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ADKAR, Getting Started

Understanding Why People Resist Change

Why do people resist change? It's natural and human response to change but far more than an...

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ADKAR, Integrating Agile

Agile Change Management Scenarios At Microsoft

The intersection of Agile solution development and change management is a global trend that is...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, ADKAR

Using the ADKAR Model to Build Better Sponsors

Active and visible sponsorship is the single greatest contributor to the success of a change...

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Making the Case, Getting Started

How to Position Change Management as a Necessity

When we ask change practitioners about trends they're seeing in change management, greater...

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ADKAR, Achieving Project Results

10 Tips From Psychology Every Change Leader Should Know

Can people actually change? In psychology, there's a concept called "plaster versus plastic," which...

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Planning & Executing, Getting Started

The 4 C's of a World-Class Change Manager

You’ve probably heard about the 4 C’s of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Introduced...

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Building Enterprise Capability, Planning & Executing

Building Enterprise Change Competency at Matthews International

How did a fast-growing global company comprised of three diverse business segments with 250...

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Making the Case, Achieving Project Results

The Costs and Risks of Poorly Managed Change

When the people side of change is ignored or poorly managed, the project and the organization take...

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