Since launching our Advanced Certifications earlier this year, more than 1,500 change professionals have contacted us to learn how our newly released, specialized tracks can help to differentiate them in this competitive field. The interest and response has been astounding, and we gladly answer some of your questions below.




Most questions were regarding our existing Train-the-Trainer and Experienced Practitioner Programs, specifically, how these programs relate to the new Advanced Certifications.  

We sat down with Prosci’s Vice President of Service Delivery, Michelle Haggerty, to learn more and to hear how our existing in-person training opportunities can set you up for success.

Q: Do all the Advanced Certifications require Change Management Certification?

Michelle: Yes, to qualify for an Advanced Certification you must first attend Prosci Change Management Certification as it provides the fundamentals and is a launching pad for success. The Advanced Certifications are not for everyone. They are for a forward-thinking group of change professionals that want to set themselves apart from others. In addition to Prosci tuition and coaching, professionals pursuing an Advanced Certification will learn from one another, so this baseline understanding is very important.

Q: Are the Train-the-Trainer and Experienced Practitioner Programs part of the Advanced Certification Tracks?

Michelle: Yes, and they are also independent programs in their own right (see next question).

Train-the-Trainer and the Experienced Practitioner Program are required modules and/or learning electives for all three of the Advanced Certification Tracks:

  • The Train-the-Trainer Program is included to develop advanced insight, knowledge and the ability to teach change management to others.

  • The Experienced Practitioner Program is included to expand the change practitioners knowledge of the history, current state and future state of change management, earning credibility as the expert.

Q: Can I still attend Train-the-Trainer or the Experienced Practitioner Program, without planning to continue on to an Advanced Certification?

Michelle: Absolutely! Both of these programs existed prior to the Advanced Certification Tracks and continue to provide exceptional value.

If you are looking to gain a better understanding of the history of change management, the future of change management and the critical details of applying change management outside of a classroom setting, then the Experienced Practitioner Program is ideal.

If your organization is looking for a customized and cost-effective way to deliver internal change management training, Train-the-Trainer is exactly the right the fit.


Learn about Train-the-Trainer

Q: Is the Experienced Practitioner Program a new training program?

Michelle: Great question. No. The Experienced Practitioner Program was previously known as the Prosci Advanced Change Management Program. Due to obvious conflicts with the NEW Advanced Certification Tracks, we have changed the name of the program. The Experienced Practitioner Program has the same curriculum, same agenda and same outcomes as before… just a new name!

Q: If I attend a Train-the-Trainer or an Experienced Practitioner Program now, and later decide to pursue a Prosci Advanced Certification, will the program count towards my advanced certification?

Michelle: Definitely, if you later decide to pursue an advanced certification, all previous Prosci trainings will be credited.

Q: Why would I continue on to an Advanced Certification after attending Train-the-Trainer or the Experienced Practitioner Program?

Michelle: I will answer this in two parts. First, let’s begin with Train-the-Trainer. 

Train-the-Trainer allows you to train others in Prosci change management. In order to certify those you train, one must become a Prosci Advanced Certified Instructor. As the change management discipline advances, more organizations are wanting change management certification (not just training). We have seen this with similar disciplines such as project management, lean, quality assurance, etc. Recognitions, accreditations and certifications matter. 

Second, the Experienced Practitioner Program is an intense and highly beneficial three-day program designed to evoke critical thought and deep discussions. Participants learn from both their peers and Prosci, emerging with new perspectives, insights, techniques and tactics for change success. However, based on our research and client case-studies we know it takes more than that. Having advanced tools, advanced skills, advanced application experience and the certification that demonstrates this expertise is what ultimately sets people apart in this increasingly competitive discipline.

Q: Any closing thoughts?

Michelle: Regardless of whether you want to pursue the Prosci Advanced Certification Tracks today or in your future, there are still sound reasons to consider the existing Prosci in-person trainings. Your ability to expand your knowledge, skills and expertise can begin with the Prosci Train-the-Trainer and the Prosci Experienced Practitioner Program.  

Experienced Practitioner Program - CTA  

Written by
Michelle Haggerty
Michelle Haggerty

Michelle Haggerty has been with Prosci for over seven years and specializes in helping organizations around the world realize their intended results, from small incremental changes to large, transformative changes through the application of change management. Michelle’s main focus in helping client organizations realize success is through knowledge transfer. Michelle leads the strategic direction of Prosci’s training offerings and oversight of delivery quality.