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Exploring the Relationship between OD and Change Management: Interview

How do Organization Development and change management relate, and how do they together drive more successful change in organizations around the globe? Prosci Chief Development Officer Tim Creasey is a co-author on two chapters in the newly released fourth edition of Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change, a leading textbook on Organization Development. Below we interviewed Tim on his second chapter, “Exploring the Relationship between Organization Development and Change Management.” Read the first interview on his chapter on change measurement. 

4 Ways People Are Changing the Conversation

“The CMROI Calculator is a valuable tool. It re-frames the conversation around the ‘people dependence’ of project benefits in a way that is visual and compelling. As a result, change management funding decisions can be tied directly to benefit realization at the scale appropriate for the change initiative.” – Karen Strong, Managing Director, Change Management Practice Lead, Gimmal

2 Questions You’ll Hear After You Put Change Management in Context

Have you read our tutorial on the five questions to ask to put change management in context? If you’ve run through this list of questions with a senior executive or project leader, they will see that many of the benefits they hoped to get from their project are very dependent on adoption and usage.

And then they should have two new and wonderful questions for you:

Passion for Research: an Interview with Lead Analyst Robert Stise

Robert Stise is the lead analyst for Prosci’s ninth change management benchmarking study, happening this month. We asked him about why research is important to him personally, to Prosci, and to the change management discipline.

Case Studies for Advanced Change Management: Igniting the Conversation

While attending Prosci's Advanced Program, participants are asked to bring two case studies: one that they will use in an exercise, and another that they will use as the base for their Program presentation. Throughout the Advanced Program, participants are encouraged to talk about their case studies as well as a number of others that Prosci provides. The goal? To leverage lessons learned in a meaningful and actionable way.

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