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Cultural Awareness in Global Change Management: Regional Differences

Change is a universal human experience to which every single person in the world can relate. Yet,...

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Prosci Solutions & Trainings, Building Enterprise Capability

How to Jump Start Your Organizational Change Management Approach

If the volume and pace of today’s ever-changing priorities has highlighted the need to execute...

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ADKAR, Planning & Executing

A Senior Change Advisor's Approach to Managing Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is a growing problem for organizations around the world, especially given the...

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Planning & Executing, Achieving Project Results

When Should You Use a Change Management Readiness Assessment?

Change management assessments are commonly touted by consultants as a key step in the change...

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Building Enterprise Capability

Why Strategic Alignment is Essential to Enterprise Change Planning

Why should you bother with strategic alignment when you’re building change management capability?...

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Prosci Solutions & Trainings, Getting Started

Practitioner Spotlight: A Change Practitioner's Unique Journey

David Martinez is Senior Business Strategy and Analysis Manager for the Founder Department at...

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Prosci Solutions & Trainings

5 Reasons to Build Change Capability With Prosci eLearning

Organizations that are focused on growing their change capability need flexibility in their...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Prosci Solutions & Trainings

INFOGRAPHIC: The Change Practitioner Journey

Change practitioners are a diverse group. Some focus their change management skills on important...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Achieving Project Results

Managing Change in Our Re-imagined Workplaces

We are at a fascinating, unique time as every one of our organizations faces change in response to...

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