Here at Prosci, customers and consultants often ask for references or articles to help them make the case for change management based on research data and studies by various organizations. Here are some key references that should be at your finger tips:

1. Helping Employees Embrace Change. This article provides a chart illustrating the correlation of effective change management to total value recovered based on a study with 40 projects.

LaClair, J. and Rao, R. Helping Employees Embrace Change, McKinsey Quarterly, 2002, Number 4.

2. Why CEOs Get Fired. This article presents the findings from interviews with 286 organizations who fired their CEO, listing the top-five reasons for this action. The number one reason was mismanaging change.

Murphy, M. Why CEOs get fired, Leadership Excellence, September, 2005. (research by LeadershipIQ)

3. Best Practices in Change Management Report. This report provides charts showing the correlation between change management and 1) meeting project objectives and 2) staying on schedule and 3) staying on budget; based on study results with nearly 100 project teams.

Best Practices in Change Management, Prosci, 2016.

4. Creating Organizational Transformations. This study presents the findings from interviews with 3,199 executives involved in major transformations, and summarizes the key lessons learned to achieve successful change. Of the top-five lessons learned, four relate directly to effective change management.

Creating organizational transitions, McKinsey Global Survey Results, McKinsey Quarterly, July 2008.

5. Success Rates for Different Types of Organizational Change. A literature review of studies on the success rates of various types of organizational change including Strategy Deployment, Restructuring and Downsizing, Technology Change and Mergers and Acquisitions. Shows that a majority of change efforts do not meet their objectives.

Smith, M. Success Rates for Different Types of Organizational Change, ISPI January 2002

6. Making Change Work. Results from a study with over 1500 practitioners on what makes change work and strategies for improving project outcomes.

Jorgensen, H., Owen L. and Neus, A. Making Change Work Study, IBM Global Services, 2008.


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Tim Creasey
Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer and a globally recognized leader in change management. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results.