Organizations that are growing their change capability—whether just getting started or well on their way—need flexibility in their approach. Global organizations with dispersed workforces may have limited access to change management training. And some companies aren’t seeing their desired project outcomes because they haven’t yet developed a change-ready culture. That’s where Prosci eLearning can help. 

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

These online interactive modules are available to your employees anywhere, anytime, from any device. They can help front-line employees, project teams, people managers, sponsors and senior leaders better understand and engage with the changes going on in your organization and the important roles they play. Here’s how Prosci eLearning can support those who lead or are impacted by change.




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Written by
Susie Taylor
Susie Taylor

Susie Taylor is a passionate advocate of personal and organizational change. As a Change Advisor for Prosci, she partners with organizations to implement change management strategies that drive adoption and results while fostering a positive employee experience. She has a master's degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has also served as an instructor.