Do you have what you need to win at change? These change practitioners are utilizing the latest and greatest tools from Prosci as they impact the way change management is done at their organizations.

About Rita Cepparo, HR Manager, and Tony White, ACM Training Manager at Husky

Husky Injection Molding Systems realized that a global ERP rollout would benefit greatly from a concerted focus on the people side of change. The organization acquired a license to the Prosci methodology, including the All Access Portal Subscription for Rita and Tony to use when applying change management to the ERP rollout and other projects.

With a Prosci All-Access Portal Subscription, Rita and Tony have access to every resource and cloud-based tool in the Prosci Portal. This includes fit-for-purpose tools designed specifically for change practitioners to serve across the project cycle. From gaining buy-in for change management, to calculating return on investment, to assessing and aligning project health, to measuring and tracking their organization’s change management maturity, and more. 

Most Useful Tools

Below are the tools they have found to be most helpful in their change management work:

  • The ADKAR Dashboard
  • The Practitioner eToolkit
  • The Change Management Research Library

The ADKAR Dashboard

The ADKAR Dashboard gives people at all levels at Husky a common framework to use when planning and implementing change initiatives.”

- Rita Cepparo, HR Manager

By creating and sending customized ADKAR surveys through the ADKAR Dashboard, you get a detailed view of your project from the perspective of every impacted group and individual.  This allows you to measure the progress of individuals and groups throughout the project lifecycle, including viewing progress by individual, department or across time. The surveys are completely customizable but come with recommended questions, should you need guidance.

The Practitioner eToolkit

“The Practitioner eToolkit is helpful in creating assessments, templates and presentations.”

- Tony White, ACM Training Manager

The Practitioner eToolkit is built around the Prosci change management methodology and is designed to teach the underlying change concepts that influence and drive how you customize and scale your change management efforts. As this toolkit guides you through the Prosci methodology, it will link you to all the assessments, templates and presentations you need to apply change management to a project.

The Change Management Research Library

“The Change Management Research Library provides us with research and statistics that validate our various change management initiatives at our fingertips from anywhere.”

- Rita Cepparo, HR Manager

Use the Change Management Research Library to access, search, annonate, and organize twenty years of research on change management best practices. Conduct a keyword search to quickly find answers to your change management questions, bookmark your most-referenced findings, or create a playlist of relevant research for a presentation with this cloud-based app. 

Get the Newest Research

Here’s what they had to say about the latest updates to the Prosci Portal, now available with new research on Agile and Change Management and the 2018 edition of Best Practices in Change Management:

“The All-Access Portal Subscription is a handy tool that’s easy to navigate and allows us to substantiate our change management approaches through recent research. The most recent refresh of materials brought the level of professionalism up a notch, too.”

- Tony White, ACM Training Manager

Learn more about how to start using all the advanced tools and resources available in the Portal into your projects – check out the All-Access Portal Subscription.

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