Have you experienced the transformative effect of change management on a project but are lacking the support of leaders to participate in or resource for change management?

Have you caught the vision of how it can make projects more efficient and employees more eager to participate in a change, but are struggling to integrate with the project team?Maybe you have seen project-by-project success by applying change management, but you know your organization would benefit so much more from an organizational change management capability.

Most change professionals face one or more of these obstacles, and frequently lack the budget to address them. That’s why we created Freesources in the Prosci Portal. These research-based resources are completely free and available to anyone who needs them—all you have to do is create a free Portal account at portal.prosci.com.

What’s your most pressing need? Check out these common issues and the free Prosci Portal resources to address them:

Obstacle: Lack of Understanding of What Change Management Is in Your Organization

Have you faced the misconception that “change management is just training and communications”? Or perhaps people in your organization think change management means technical version control. Educate others with the "Five Tenets of Change Management" webinar and helpful one-page handout to get everyone on the same page about what change management is.


Obstacle: Non-Existent or Wavering Support for Change Management

Many passionate change management practitioners struggle with building buy-in for change management in their organizations. Watch the “Start Talking About What You Deliver” webinar to learn how to change your conversations about change management to an outcome-oriented approach. Also see the “Case for Change Management” tutorial collection for beautifully formatted tutorials you can share freely with anyone.

Obstacle: Lack of Methodology Alignment

Are you working to standardize the Prosci methodology as the change management approach in your organization? Try sending them the Prosci methodology tutorial collection and webinar. Better yet, sit down and go through it with them yourself so you can answer questions in real time.

Obstacle: Project Management and Change Management Integration Woes

We know change management is more successful when it is integrated with project management. However, if you’re not sure how to go about getting a seat at the project table, or how to integrate effectively when you do, we have resources for you. With our Integrating CM and PM tutorial series, you’ll learn how to talk about change management in project management speak, the dimensions and particulars of integrating CM and PM, and tips for collaborating with project teams.

Obstacle: Lay the Foundation for Building Organizational Capability

Is your organization ready to take a structured and intentional approach to building change management maturity? Are you trying to convince your leaders of this strategic advantage? If so, we have two webinars that will help you: “Determining Your Organization’s Change Management Maturity” and “How to Build Change Capabilities (ECM). Watch these webinars and kick-start your journey to organizational change maturity.

Obstacle: Need of Further Development as a Change Manager

Are you looking to learn more about change management for your own professional development? Check out the “Start Talking About What You Deliver” or “Succeeding With Stream Stages” webinar replays and give yourself a professional edge.

Catch a Webinar You Missed

Prosci offers webinars throughout the year as one-hour, live deep-dives into change management topics. However, if you missed a webinar or want to re-watch your favorites, check out the webinars available in the Portal. We currently have over ten of our most popular webinars available for free, with more on the way!



Written by
Susie Taylor-Patterson
Susie Taylor-Patterson

Susie Taylor-Patterson combines years of helping private and public sector organizations develop their change management capabilities with a deep knowledge of Prosci’s research and approach. She leads Prosci’s new development portfolio with a goal of equipping leaders, practitioners, and change agents with the most effective skills and tools to optimize their change results.