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Planning & Executing, Achieving Project Results

How to Recognize Change Fatigue in Your People

What happens when too many project changes begin to take a physical and emotional toll on your...

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Planning & Executing, Getting Started

Is Your Communications Plan "Telling" or "Communicating"?

We can all agree that effective communication is critical to change management efforts. In fact,...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Achieving Project Results

5 Actionable Tactics for Fearless Engagements With Sponsors

Research demonstrates that sponsor engagement is the number one predictor of change management...

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Making the Case, Building Enterprise Capability

Why Your Organization Needs Enterprise Change Management

Project teams today increasingly recognize the need to manage the people side of change on...

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Building Enterprise Capability, Achieving Project Results

How Success Stories Can Accelerate Your Change Capability

Success stories offer tremendous opportunities to learn from other change leaders. The decisions...

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Making the Case, Getting Started

How to Introduce Change Management by Audience

How do you typically introduce change management in conversations? And how does your audience shape...

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Planning & Executing

5 Tips for Better Communication Around Change

Effective communications are critical to every change management project. As a change management...

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Planning & Executing, Achieving Project Results

Should You Apply A/B Testing in Change Management?

One of my favorite tactics for validating a change management approach is A/B testing. Whether it’s...

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Engaging Organizational Roles

Creating Successful Coaching With the ADKAR Model

The success of any organizational change depends on impacted people and teams adopting new...

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