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Planning & Executing

Making the Most of Good Resistance

Resistance to change comes in many shapes and sizes, and it manifests through all sorts of employee...

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Making the Case, Integrating Project Management

Change Management and Project Management: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The disciplines of change management and project management are both necessary when executing a...

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Research & Trends

2020 in Reflection: An Extraordinary Year of Change

The changes we all endured this year impacted everything we do as organizations, as change...

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Making the Case, Planning & Executing

Top Prosci Blogs of 2020
What a year 2020 has been! The global pandemic brought rapid transitions to the way we work,...
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Engaging Organizational Roles, Planning & Executing

5 Ways to Help Sponsors Build a Coalition of Support for Change

One of the key roles of sponsors during any change is to build a coalition of support among...

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Prosci Solutions & Trainings, ADKAR

How The ADKAR Model Helped Me Through COVID-19

Thanks to a skilled nurse, a supportive family, and the ADKAR Model, I overcame COVID-19 recently....

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Research & Trends, Achieving Project Results

4 Ways to Build Better Change Outcomes With Research and Data

One of my secret weapons to improve organizational outcomes as a Change Advisor is data. As part of...

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Research & Trends

The Power of Gratitude

Many of us learned about gratitude as a social norm early in life when our parents taught us to say...

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ADKAR, Getting Started

Applying the ADKAR Model When Change Management is New to Others

If you're just beginning to implement change management on a project, it's important to remember...

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