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Prosci Solutions & Trainings

Prepare to Get the Most From Your Virtual Training Experience

If the thought of virtual training conjures images of dull videos and scripted lessons, think...

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ADKAR, Planning & Executing

How Empathy Mapping Helps When Redeploying Workers

COVID-19 has compelled organizations around the world to implement urgent changes, including...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Planning & Executing

What Senior Leaders Need From Change Practitioners Right Now

In times of crisis, the biggest challenges leaders face go well beyond financial pressures and...

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ADKAR, Planning & Executing

How to Assess and Address Change Impacts Quickly

COVID-19 has required organizations everywhere to respond quickly to shifting conditions. At such a...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Research & Trends

Four Ways to Engage Change Teams Remotely

Working remotely may be routine for some, but it can pose a social challenge for change management...

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ADKAR, Achieving Project Results

Why Change Management is the Missing Piece of Customer Success

Within the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, customer success professionals focus on building...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Building Enterprise Capability

Executive Sponsor Q&A: Changes in Leadership
Bryan Fontaine, Executive Change Advisor for Prosci and former EVP, Global Operations and Corporate...
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Prosci Solutions & Trainings, Research & Trends

Tim Talks: Why Consider a Career in Change Management?

Tim Talks is an ongoing series of short videos featuring conversations between Tim Creasey, our...

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Making the Case, Research & Trends

Healthcare Trends: Coronavirus and Pandemic-Related Change

As more and more antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains and new viruses cause pandemic issues,...

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