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Integrate Project Management, Improve Results and Outcomes

What to Do When Change Management Starts Late

Some organizations only pay attention to the people side of a change when challenges emerge late in...

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Make the Case, Build a Foundation

Connecting Change to Business Results With the 4 P's Exercise

How do you introduce change management to the stakeholders of a project you're supporting?...

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Integrate Project Management, Enhance Your Practice, Discover and Apply ADKAR, Plan and Execute

Prosci's Top 10 Tactics for Managing Resistance to Change

Resistance management is a critical activity for people managers during change. Of the five CLARC...

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Plan and Execute, Improve Results and Outcomes

How to Recognize Change Fatigue in Your People

What happens when too many project changes begin to take a physical and emotional toll on your...

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Grow Enterprise Change Capability, Build a Foundation, Improve Results and Outcomes

Dimensions of Change Management at the Enterprise Level

Change management plays out on different levels within the organization. At the enterprise level,...

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Discover and Apply ADKAR, Improve Results and Outcomes

What We Mean by Organizational Change Management

What is organizational change management? If you search for the term on the internet, the...

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Engage Organizational Roles, Grow Enterprise Change Capability

5 Ways to Help Sponsors Build a Coalition of Support for Change

One of the key roles of sponsors during any change is to build a coalition of support among...

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Integrate Project Management, Improve Results and Outcomes

Change Management and Project Management: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The disciplines of change management and project management are both necessary when executing a...

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Engage Organizational Roles, Plan and Execute

10 Questions Employees Will Have About Any Change

If you're a change practitioner, it's your job to prepare and equip people managers for their roles...

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