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Building Enterprise Capability

8 Alignment Hacks That Enhance Change Management Today

Most of us are glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror, but a new year won’t stop more changes from...

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Building Enterprise Capability

11 Elements of Successful Organizational Change Capability

Over the last few decades, the discipline of change management has evolved from ad hoc approaches ...

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Research & Trends, Building Enterprise Capability

6 Strategies for Reducing Change Saturation

Organizational change continues to grow in volume and pace, and shows no signs of slowing down....

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Making the Case, Getting Started

Begin With the End in Mind

Why do we do change management? To build excellent plans? To abide by best practices in business?...

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Engaging Organizational Roles, Achieving Project Results

A Collective Industry Hug

If you’ve heard me speak on a Prosci webinar, you’ve probably heard me say that we are "people...

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Prosci Solutions & Trainings, Building Enterprise Capability

A State Government's Rapid Pivot to More Successful Change

At Prosci, we talk about the need to pivot around purpose during a crisis and to anchor to...

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Planning & Executing

Making the Most of Good Resistance

Resistance to change comes in many shapes and sizes, and it manifests through all sorts of employee...

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Making the Case, Integrating Project Management

Change Management and Project Management: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The disciplines of change management and project management are both necessary when executing a...

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Research & Trends

2020 in Reflection: An Extraordinary Year of Change

The changes we all endured this year impacted everything we do as organizations, as change...

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