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Communications outline for managers


The following outline is designed to enable supervisors to create an information packet to use in their employee coaching sessions. It outlines the most important messages supervisors can send to build employee awareness. Often times this information is forgotten or omitted from coaching sessions, but it is vital to the success of the change among employees. In order to accomplish the best results in your coaching sessions use this communication packet along with the ADKAR Model.

Why you need to start leveraging front-line managers

Managers and supervisors are crucial allies in times of change management. This group fulfills one of the two "employee-facing" roles in change management, directly engaging employees who are being impacted by a project or initiative. Unfortunately, this key group is often overlooked on a number of dimensions. This tutorial presents why this group is so important, the roles they are expected to play in times of change and two potential ways they are overlooked in times of change.

Building Successful Partnerships with Project Teams

Successful change happens when there is a focus on both the technical side of change and the people side of change.

3 Activities for Engaging with Middle Managers

Prosci's change management approach is based on seven benchmarking studies conducted over the last fourteen years. In each of the seven studies, respondents identified the greatest overall contributor to success. This tutorial series presents the top six contributors to success identified by participants in the 2012 benchmarking report:

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