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A Better Way to Talk About the ROI of Change Management

I was recently discussing the ROI of change management with a colleague who expressed frustration with incessantly being challenged for the ROI of managing the people side of change.

How to Position Change Management

Since 2007, the top change management trend identified by participants in the Prosci Best Practices in Change Management report has been greater awareness or recognition of the need for change management.

Solutions to Real Challenges in Every Stage of Your Change Management Journey

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, this tutorial will tackle three real challenges change managers face: gaining buy-in, tracking project health, and evaluating change management efforts. Today we’ll cover why tackling these challenges is important, how you can go about solving them, and what tools exist to support your efforts.

6 References to Make the Case for Change Management

Here at Prosci, customers and consultants often ask for references or articles to help them make the case for change management based on research data and studies by various organizations. Here are some key references that should be at your finger tips:

The Correlation Between Change Management and Project Success

In Prosci's benchmarking studies, a top trend frequently identified by study participants is a greater recognition of the need for and value of change management. While some find themselves in a situation where change management is being requested, many other practitioners are still working diligently to make a compelling case for the need for change management. 

3 Reasons Project ROI May Not Be What You Were Expecting

Increasingly, change pracitioners are asking about the Return on Investment of managing change. There are numerous studies that show a correlation between effectively managing the human side of change and meeting project objectives (McKinsey and Prosci).

How to Keep Change Management from Getting LIFOed

Do you know what LIFO stands for? Last In, First Out. And it is a plague many change managers run into because when it comes to planning out project resources, budgeting and priority, change management often gets put last. It is the last element of a project that gets in and the first to get kicked out when the budget gets tight. It gets LIFO'ed.

How to Calculate the ROI of Change Management and How to Use It

The people who have used change management ROI (CMROI) to make the case for change management are achieving results. Today, we share how they are using the CMROI framework to bring validity to not only change management but their own roles as well.

Not sure how to calculate the contribution your change management efforts bring to a project? Read this Calculation Guide, or trial the CMROI Calculator, a cloud-based tool that makes uncovering this number simple and easy.

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