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3 Game-Changing Tools Used by Change Leaders at Husky

Do you have what you need to win at change? These change practitioners are utilizing the latest and greatest tools from Prosci as they impact the way change management is done at their organizations.

Infographic: How to Set Yourself Apart with an Advanced Certification

How can you obtain the skills to keep up with bigger, faster and more complex change? What is the process for achieving a Prosci Advanced Certification so you can propel your career and organization forward? Gain answers to these questions and more with our new infographic:

Prosci How To's: The PCT Analyzer

What is the Project Change Triangle™ (PCT) Model?

The PCT Analyzer is powered by the PCT Model. This model has three elements which make up the corners of the triangle; all three corners must be healthy in order for a project to succeed:

What's Your Next Training Step for Organizational Competency?

You and perhaps some of your coworkers are change management certified. Your organization’s leadership is talking about agility and maybe is starting to think or talk about change management as an important part of your company’s business strategy.

Why your Organization Needs Enterprise Change Management

Many project teams are recognizing the need to effectively manage the people side of change on their project. And while they have recognized this competency is necessary for their project's success, the question remains: Is that enough? A few of these organizations have taken the next step, moving away from a single project model to an enterprise deployment of change management.

Solutions for Three Big Challenges to Change Management

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, this tutorial will tackle three real challenges change managers face: gaining buy-in, tracking project health, and evaluating change management efforts. We’ll cover why tackling these challenges is important, how you can go about solving them, and what tools exist to support your efforts.

What Certification Training is Really Like - A First-Hand Account

Prosci began offering open-enrollment change management certification programs in October of 2003. Since then, we have delivered hundreds of these sessions - with more than 100  in 2016. We are constantly striving to receive "this is the best training program I've ever been to" as the feedback from each and every session. This tutorial presents a "journal" style account of the three day certification program. Find out more about earning your change management certification.

Case Studies for Advanced Change Management: Igniting the Conversation

While attending Prosci's Advanced Program, participants are asked to bring two case studies: one that they will use in an exercise, and another that they will use as the base for their Program presentation. Throughout the Advanced Program, participants are encouraged to talk about their case studies as well as a number of others that Prosci provides. The goal? To leverage lessons learned in a meaningful and actionable way.

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