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The 5 Areas That Define Your Organizational Change Capability

Building an enterprise change capability is tricky business. One of the many challenges leaders on this journey face is how to measure progress. Nearly two decades of research on the people side of change provide the foundations for Prosci’s Change Management Maturity Model.

This research-based framework offers a measuring stick for organizational change management progress. This article examines the different aspects of the change management maturity framework and offers insights into how the maturity framework can be used to drive improvement in organizational change capability.

Top Trend: Google Makes Change a Core Competency

Earlier this month, Google’s CIO Ben Fried commented on stage at the Forbes CIO Summit that Google has made change a core competency. Fried shared a strategic perspective that the ability to change is essential to stay competitive. He emphasized the need to create a team that flourishes in change. You can read more about Fried's comments here.

A Roadmap for Building Change Management Competency

In the coming years, no other competency will be more important to your organization than the ability to manage change. Flexible and adaptable organizations will be the benchmark for long-term growth and sustainability. Building the competency to manage change is not like installing a new system or technology. It is a transformation in how the organization operates and leads people. It requires individuals to learn new skills and take on new roles. It requires a new approach to change projects.

Building Change Competency with your People Managers

Managers and supervisors play a key role in effective change. They are in a unique position - receiving messages about change from executives and project teams, and delivering change messages to front-line employees. In Prosci's benchmarking report with 426 participants, managers were identified as one of the two preferred senders of information about change. 

Structure Changes that Drive Change

The first tutorial in this two-part series addressed the change associated with improvement systems - implementing approaches and methodologies that create change in an organization. While the large scale organizational structural changes associated with reorganization or acquisition activity often utilize change management, structural changes associated with improvement systems - like creating an office or team or group to take the lead with a particular methodology or system - are often ignored. This tutorial presents

Is this your year for building enterprise change management?

Over the last decade, the discipline of change management has emerged and evolved. What was once an ad hoc, after-the-fact approach occasionally accompanied by a communications plan and training plan has been replaced by holistic, structured processes with complete toolsets for addressing change management at the individual and organizational level. The result of improved change management has been greater success at delivering objectives on time and on budget.

Importance of Success Stories in Building Agility

In brief: Proofs of success and signature wins are critical catalysts for building an organizational change management capability. Learn why you should and how you can leverage success stories to advance your Enterprise Change Management effort.

Action Plan for Change Competency

This series discusses the steps you can take to create change management competency into your organization. Module 1 answers the question, "what is change competency?". Module 2 presents the skills, behaviors and preparation of a change-competent executive. Module 3 examines how managers support a change competent organization. Module 4 provides ways to empower front-line employees in a change-competent organization. This module concludes the tutorial and provides tips and resources for building a change-ready organization.

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