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Emerging Career: The Rise of the Advanced Change Practitioner

The pace of change is increasing and with it the demand for experienced change leaders. How can you evolve alongside the discipline?

2016 Change Management Trends

Back in 2009, we started researching change management trends, curious to know what was in the future for change management. Seven years later, the newest research is in.

Culture and Change Management: The Water We Swim In

We all know that culture has a huge impact on our change management projects. To reinforce this, 90% of participants in Best Practices in Change Management - 2016 Edition rated cultural awareness as either important or very important to a change management initiative. Being culturally aware enables change managers to customize their change management approach, utilize culturally specific adaptations (while avoiding culturally specific obstacles), and create effective communication plans with the culture of their audience in mind.

Are You Aligned for Change Management Success?

In every biannual best practices report, we ask the same question:

What are the top contributors to change management success?

This question seeks to help us understand and prioritize the parts of our change management approach that are most critical to achieving successful outcomes on our change projects. Well, the 2016 votes are in, and the winners are…

New Change Management Research Topics in Prosci's Latest Report

Each new Prosci research report is an opportunity to expand the body of knowledge in change management into new topic areas. Recent reports added depth and a data-driven foundation around justifying change management, job roles and complex change types. The 2016 edition of Best Practices in Change Management was no different. In fact, the new topic areas researched in the most recent report provide change practitioners with significant new insights on some of the most pressing contemporary issues including: culture, change agent networks, vertical industry customization and engaging complementary roles. This blog presents a high level overview of the new research topic areas addressed in Prosci’s 2016 benchmarking report.

Insights into the Prosci Research Process

Research and sausage. 

Yes you read that correctly! How is sausage made and what is the process? Growing up my dad would often say, “You never want to know how sausage is made,” (while cooking sausage for dinner). The sausage may have it’s secrets, and since we are so fond of our processed meat, we might be best to skip the details. But Prosci’s research is a very different matter!

Top 5 Change Management Trends for 5 Years

In the 2013 change management benchmarking study, we asked participants for their insights regarding the top trends in change management for the coming five years. Here are the top five predictions for 2018:

Your Change Management Career: 3 Emerging Paths

The discipline of change management is rapidly growing and with it, the change management job market. Prosci alone has certified over 40,000 change management professionals around the world. With that number increasing by the day and with change management certification as the baseline requirement for most change management job positions, what else is out there to differentiate your skill set?

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