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Prosci Certification and Becoming a CCMP

Where were you in 2004? The answers among us will be wide reaching but perhaps we all had one thing in common: we were experiencing some sort of change (professional or personal) or we were leading others through change.

What's Next for 2017: Themes and Trends

As 2016 comes to an end, we shift our focus to 2017 and the new opportunities and challenges on the horizon. The New Year brings us new possibilities to grow, expand and extend our impact. So, I’d like to ask you – what’s next? For you? For your organization? For this discipline? And for us here at Prosci?

Emerging Career: Advanced Deployment Leader

Leading organizations are realizing that the ability to deliver results in times of change is a competitive differentiator they simply can’t afford to pass up. Having an advanced change professional responsible for ensuring change management is a core competency of the organization is imperative to competitive differentiation.

Emerging Career: Advanced Certified Instructor

Organizations are developing change management as a core competency, a trend that will carry through for the next five years. To deploy a change management capability build, organizations are focusing on training and education. There is an emerging career here: the Advanced Certified Instructor.

Emerging Career: The Rise of the Advanced Change Practitioner

The pace of change is increasing and with it the demand for experienced change leaders. How can you evolve alongside the discipline?

Change Hazards - The Biggest Obstacles to Successful Change

The path of organizational change is littered with good intentions that never delivered results. Creating successful change is not easy, but there are lessons that can be learned from others who have tried. Prosci's work in change management is founded on the longitudinal best practices studies we complete every two years. These studies provide data on what works and - sometimes more importantly - what does not work when implementing change.

2016 Change Management Trends

Back in 2009, we started researching change management trends, curious to know what was in the future for change management. Seven years later, the newest research is in.

Culture and Change Management: The Water We Swim In

We all know that culture has a huge impact on our change management projects. To reinforce this, 90% of participants in Best Practices in Change Management - 2016 Edition rated cultural awareness as either important or very important to a change management initiative. Being culturally aware enables change managers to customize their change management approach, utilize culturally specific adaptations (while avoiding culturally specific obstacles), and create effective communication plans with the culture of their audience in mind.

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