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Applying the ADKAR Model to New Change Management Work

If you are just beginning to implement change management on a project, remember that for many people participating in the project, the effective application of change management principles and tools is itself a change for them. Examples include:

How to Write a Project Plan for Change Management

The project plan is one of the cornerstones of successful change efforts. Harvey Mackay is quoted as saying; "Failures don't plan to fail; they fail to plan." 

Social Media in Change Management

The seventh change management benchmarking study conducted by Prosci uncovered lessons learned from change practitioners around the world, examining topics ranging from advice for new practitioners to the application of social media on change projects. This action-oriented report is aimed at improving your change management work by helping you draw on the experiences of others.

3 Steps to Scaling Change Management

In brief: One size does not fit all. The "right" change management approach for a particular project must be scaled and customized to meet the unique needs of that change.

Understanding Why Some Communications Work and Others Don’t

Many project leaders or project managers appreciate the critical need for communications during change. In fact, many project leaders believe that “change management” equals “effective communications.” To complicate matters, many project teams also believe that the primary messages employees want to hear are centered on the project (what is happening and when will it happen), and that employees want to hear these messages from them.

3 Types of Change Resistant Employees and How to Engage them

Knowing the potential types of resistant employees in your organization will help you focus your change management energy to be the most successful in your project.

Tips to Help Plan for the People Side of Change

It is a fairly common question - which changes need a plan for change management? Or, more directly, I have a pretty small change, do I really need a change management plan?

10 Questions Employees will have about any Change

Managing and supporting front-line employees through change is essential for the success of your project, and to that end, equipping your managers and supervisors with the right tools is equally important. Training plans and communication outlines can get you moving in the right direction, but being prepared for the most common questions from employees will give your managers piece of mind. 

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