Florida Power & Light is the third largest utility in the Unites States, providing over 10 million people in the State of Florida with electricity at some of the lowest rates in the country. The 8,000 employees of FPL pride themselves on providing trusted, reliable service through innovation and sustainability.

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After successfully transitioning its network and its customers to smart grid technology with the support of change management, FPL’s customer service business unit recognized a need and an opportunity to leverage the positive impact of change management in other changes across the organization.

“We were the first, the catalyst in the organization to adopt change management practices. Soon others followed.” - Jacqueline Cabrera, Organizational Readiness Leader at Florida Power & Light Company

The Challenge

To develop a standard approach to change management and leverage early change management wins as a catalyst for building enterprise-wide engagement in change outcomes through best practices.

The Solution

The change management group:

  • Selected a scalable, right-fit methodology
  • Utilized Prosci resources to train a core team
  • Licensed content, tools and training to customize and integrate for particular needs of the organization
  • Trained internal instructors through the Prosci Train-the-Trainer Program to disseminate and spread the approach across the organization

Keys to Application

In order to create a common lexicon for change and develop change competencies across the organization, the FPL change group tailored a sequence of role-specific change training programs, including the Change Management Certification Program, Change Management Program for Managers, and customized hybrid workshops, enabled by a Prosci license.

Listen to the clip below to discover why the FPL change management team chose Prosci as their change management partner. You can listen to the full one-hour webinar on how FPL built a change capability here.


While change management at FPL started in a single business unit—the customer service department—other departments took notice of the momentum and positive impact of customer service initiatives. As additional business units identified the results coming out of customer service, they began initiating their own change management activities and began their own journey to develop change competencies.

The Results

As a result of mature change management activities, the customer service business unit has seen a 24% increase in employee engagement and continues to see greater project successes. In addition, the language of change management has spread from this business unit to others. Managers and employees are familiar with the process of change and are comfortable speaking up if they see a need for greater change management.

Read the Full Story

Read about the powerful role senior leaders played in FPL’s change management story, and what results they have continued to experience, when you download the full story as a PDF.
Florida Power and Light success story

Written by
Jeremy Carson
Jeremy Carson

Jeremy has more than 10 years of experience at Prosci. Over half of those years were spent as part of the training team, traveling the globe to deliver change management training to practitioners, managers, and executives. Now as part of the Account Team, Jeremy specializes in helping clients in the financial and utilities industries adopt the Prosci research and methodology to drive successful project implementation, change leadership development and enterprise change management competency building.

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