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Worksheet: Case for Change Management

While the data is quite clear that projects will be more successful if you apply change management, you may still find yourself working to justify change management to project team members and senior leaders in your organization. Below is a worksheet for making the case for change management by directly linking to the outcomes and objectives of the project you are supporting. Simply download the worksheet, fill in the blanks, and use this case with your project team, senior leader or whoever you are struggling to get resourcing and buy-in from. 

Begin with the End in Mind

Why do we do change management? To build excellent plans? To abide by best practices in business? To appease our leadership team that decided we needed it?

No. We apply change management because change management has a distinct and pointed focus on benefit realization and achieving the desired results and outcomes of change. When embarking on our change management journeys, we begin with the end in mind. The end, in the case of change management, is driving successful change. The means is applying a structured approach to helping individual employees adopt and proficiently use changes that impact them.

Connecting Change to Business Results: the 4 P's Exercise

How do you introduce change management to the stakeholders of a project you are supporting? Below is the Project-Purpose-Particulars-People exercise for helping an audience see the connection between change management and achieving business and project results.

A Better Way to Talk About the ROI of Change Management

I was recently discussing the ROI of change management with a colleague who expressed frustration with incessantly being challenged for the ROI of managing the people side of change.

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