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Research Study Launch: Change Management and Agile

Imagine that you, an experienced change management practitioner, are assigned a new change initiative to manage. You attend your first meeting with the project team ready to plan out the course of the project from now through go-live and beyond. However, you find out that they have only planned out the first two weeks of work! More shockingly, the project plan calls for only addressing work in these two week ‘sprint’ cycles. What do you do?

Infographic: How to Set Yourself Apart with an Advanced Certification

How can you obtain the skills to keep up with bigger, faster and more complex change? What is the process for achieving a Prosci Advanced Certification so you can propel your career and organization forward? Gain answers to these questions and more with our new infographic:

Georgia One of First U.S. States To Require Change Management

Change management has made many important strides over the course of the last several years. One of the most recent milestones of significance is a new requirement for change management on projects at the legislative level. 

Expert Interview: The Right Way to Manage Change

The research tells us that projects with excellent change management are 79% more likely to meet or exceed project objectives. But many companies are still wondering what change management is and is not and what “excellent change management” looks like. A recent interview by MindBrew with Scott McAllister of Prosci and Suraj Mohandas of Zilliant helps clear things up.

The Value of Change Management Certification

Is certification really necessary? Doesn’t experience alone qualify us? I understand the quandary, and it’s a question I am asked more often as more rigor and more certifications/accreditations enter into the change management discipline.

Let’s explore the question - because the bottom line is that there are some definite advantages to receiving change management certification.

Change Hazards - The Biggest Obstacles to Successful Change

The path of organizational change is littered with good intentions that never delivered results. Creating successful change is not easy, but there are lessons that can be learned from others who have tried. Prosci's work in change management is founded on the longitudinal best practices studies we complete every two years. These studies provide data on what works and - sometimes more importantly - what does not work when implementing change.

From BluPrairie: Putting People First During Tech Changes

Now more than ever, organizations are increasing their use of technology and looking to leverage it in more meaningful ways. Left and right we see organizations finding creative ways to use technology to enable a more agile workforce, reduce costs and better support both client and employee needs. The decision to leverage technology as a service creates significant impact on an organization at both the strategic and individual level.

Prosci Workplace Recognized by FORTUNE Magazine

Fortune Magazine recognized Prosci as one of the top 20 Best Places to Work in Consulting and Professional Services. Among a pool of over 600 organizations across the United States, Prosci ranked #14. We are honored and grateful to be recognized with such an accomplished group.

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