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The 5 Areas That Define Your Organizational Change Capability

Building an enterprise change capability is tricky business. One of the many challenges leaders on this journey face is how to measure progress. Nearly two decades of research on the people side of change provide the foundations for Prosci’s Change Management Maturity Model.

This research-based framework offers a measuring stick for organizational change management progress. This article examines the different aspects of the change management maturity framework and offers insights into how the maturity framework can be used to drive improvement in organizational change capability.

Top Trend: Google Makes Change a Core Competency

Earlier this month, Google’s CIO Ben Fried commented on stage at the Forbes CIO Summit that Google has made change a core competency. Fried shared a strategic perspective that the ability to change is essential to stay competitive. He emphasized the need to create a team that flourishes in change. You can read more about Fried's comments here.

Making the Case for a Common Approach to Managing Change

Why use a common approach to managing change?

Ten years ago, Prosci began research and development to address the question: How do I deploy change management throughout my organization? The result is what Prosci is calling Enterprise Change Management.

7 Arguments for Change Management Deployment

How would you complete the sentence: "We, as an organization, should work to institutionalize change management and build organizational capabilities and competencies because... ?"

Managing Change Saturation

How much change is too much? Change saturation conceptualizes how much change is going on in the organization (change disruption) compared to how much change the organization can handle (change capacity). An organization is at or past the point of change saturation when there are so many changes going on that it can no longer effectively handle additional changes. In other words, when change disruption is greater than change capacity.

Are you Demotivating Your Front-Line Employees?

Organizations today are facing, and creating, more change than ever before. The frequency, number, size and importance of change all continue to increase. Senior leaders are focused on making the right decisions and investments with limited capital.

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