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Success Story: Energy Company Leads the Way to Enterprise Change Management Competency

AVANGRID, Inc. is a diversified energy and utility company with 7,000 employees, $31 billion in assets and operations in 23 states. Formed from the 2015 merger of Iberdrola USA and UIL Holdings Corporation, AVANGRID remains an affiliate of the Iberdrola Group, a worldwide leader in the energy industry.

Five Bs of Executive Buy In

As a senior executive, sponsor of change, and Executive Instructor for Prosci Canada teaching change management practitioners, one of the most frequently asked questions I have received is, "how can I get my executives onboard with change management and fulfilling their roles as sponsors?"

Success Story: Global Manufacturing Organization Embeds Change Management

Leadership in HR at a global manufacturing company recognized that to achieve the long-term goals of their department and the organization as a whole, they needed to proactively pursue a focus on the people side of change.

While the organization had historically been very successful at project management, growing success led to significant growth goals with very big people implications. While the leadership team within Human Resources knew that a change management capability would be necessary to accomplish the organization’s overall goals, they also knew that much of the organization was not yet ready to begin building this capability. In light of this, the department focused first on building an internal department change capability while also preparing for an eventual enterprise-wide capability build.

Worksheet: Case for Change Management

While the data is quite clear that projects will be more successful if you apply change management, you may still find yourself working to justify change management to project team members and senior leaders in your organization. Below is a worksheet for making the case for change management by directly linking to the outcomes and objectives of the project you are supporting. Simply download the worksheet, fill in the blanks, and use this case with your project team, senior leader or whoever you are struggling to get resourcing and buy-in from. 

Success Story: Global Bank Establishes Change Management as Core Capability

An international bank with over 80,000 employees and 16 million clients worldwide recognized an increased need for organizational change management capability. The volume and pace of large-scale change drove the need for this bank to be more purposeful and more consistent at achieving return on key strategic investments. Senior executives set a mandate to execute on change in a more structured way, and in early 2011, an Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team was commissioned to determine a plan and a strategy.

What's Next for 2017: Themes and Trends

As 2016 comes to an end, we shift our focus to 2017 and the new opportunities and challenges on the horizon. The New Year brings us new possibilities to grow, expand and extend our impact. So, I’d like to ask you – what’s next? For you? For your organization? For this discipline? And for us here at Prosci?

How to Introduce Change Management by Audience

How do you begin to have the "what is change management" discussion? And how does the person you are talking to impact how you have the conversation? Below are some tips and thoughts on how you can be more successful at building buy-in and support for change management by changing how you talk about change management.

Begin with the End in Mind

Why do we do change management? To build excellent plans? To abide by best practices in business? To appease our leadership team that decided we needed it?

No. We apply change management because change management has a distinct and pointed focus on benefit realization and achieving the desired results and outcomes of change. When embarking on our change management journeys, we begin with the end in mind. The end, in the case of change management, is driving successful change. The means is applying a structured approach to helping individual employees adopt and proficiently use changes that impact them.

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