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Prosci Advanced Certifications and the CCMP

Change management as a discipline is almost unrecognizable when it comes to new opportunities for change professionals. The industry has taken large strides to become a formal discipline within the last decade. Prosci alone has certified over 45,000 change practitioners in the Prosci Change Management Certification Program. In the 2016 edition of Best Practices in Change Management, participants pointed to an increasing number of their organizations creating permanent positions for change management professionals.

Advanced Change Management Roles in an ECM Setting

Building role-based individual change competencies is an essential aspect of growing an enterprise change capability. Roles at the enterprise level are responsible for bringing a change management capability to life. But what specific roles—and what enhanced skillsets within these roles—do you need to build an enterprise change management capability?

Prosci Certification and Becoming a CCMP

Where were you in 2004? The answers among us will be wide reaching but perhaps we all had one thing in common: we were experiencing some sort of change (professional or personal) or we were leading others through change.

Infographic: The Accelerator for Change Practitioners

If you are a change practitioner, chances are you've had several questions about how to begin applying or customizing change management at your organization. There are several resources to help you answer these questions. Here on the Prosci blog is a great place, as is the Prosci Change Management Library. But now Prosci-Certified Change Practitioners can get more specialized support to realize better results: 12 months of live, on-demand support with a dedicated change management advisor. Our aim is to ensure that every client and every practitioner has the tools and support they need to succeed.

Emerging Career: Advanced Deployment Leader

Leading organizations are realizing that the ability to deliver results in times of change is a competitive differentiator they simply can’t afford to pass up. Having an advanced change professional responsible for ensuring change management is a core competency of the organization is imperative to competitive differentiation.

Emerging Career: Advanced Certified Instructor

Organizations are developing change management as a core competency, a trend that will carry through for the next five years. To deploy a change management capability build, organizations are focusing on training and education. There is an emerging career here: the Advanced Certified Instructor.

Emerging Career: The Rise of the Advanced Change Practitioner

The pace of change is increasing and with it the demand for experienced change leaders. How can you evolve alongside the discipline?

Georgia One of First U.S. States To Require Change Management

Change management has made many important strides over the course of the last several years. One of the most recent milestones of significance is a new requirement for change management on projects at the legislative level. 

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